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Hi everyone, I have started buying a lot more make up products from the Essence Cosmetics range lately to try out and main...

Hi everyone,

I have started buying a lot more make up products from the Essence Cosmetics range lately to try out and mainly for two Reasons:
  1. I have fallen in love with the 'Eyebrow Stylist Set' and wanted to see how the rest of there products weighed up and
  2. I’m addicted to make up and can’t afford to buy all those fancy packaged high end brands on a weekly basis! 
Also let’s face it, anyone that knows Essence Cosmetics knows that they are one of the cheapest cosmetics brand on the market, which I know can sometimes give people the impression that the quality mustn’t be great but lets just see about that. 

My review:
Eyebrow Stylist Set

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Natural Brunette Style

Okay, so firstly this kit comes with little stencils, two shades (natural brunette and natural blondes style) and a cute little application brush in an oval clear plastic packaging. 

Natural Blonde Style

I have always wanted to be able to do my eyebrows perfectly like you see on all those beautiful Instagram makeup pages and maybe I will eventually be able to perfect them after I complete the MAC makeup artistry course I start next week (goal). I've never really been able to find that right colour to use but then again, is there a right colour to use? Once it compliments your eyes and skin tone and isn't too dramatic that they are over powering your whole face, then your all good!

I honestly have my eyebrow stylist set over a year now and the powder hasn't broke even after dropping it numerous time, it is packaged very well which was impressive! 

Swatches of the Natural Brunette Style Duo 

I have always used the dark shade of the natural brunette style and only recently have started trying out and liking using the lighter shade of the duo as I have lightened my hair and thought I would give it a go, but I don't see too much difference. I've always been blonde and I really like the contrast between blonde hair and brown eyebrows (picturing Cara Delevigne in my head right now).

I have never used stencils so I chucked them out, only because none of them where my eyebrow shape and I didn't want my brows to look too shaped either but I reckon they would be a good guide for any beginners.  

For me this is the ideal little set. Perfect shades that can be mixed to suit both darker and lighter brows. The brush provided is perfect for giving a nice precise application and the powder is pigmented and perfect. Packaging is okay, nothing fancy reflective of the very affordable price of $4.95. I actually dropped mine the very first week and the hard plastic cracked so I chucked that out too and now I just keep it in a zip lock bag. 

Compliment your eyebrows by ALWAYS brushing them before and even after applying the powder   (just like you blend out your eye shadow after applying it) to give a nice finish by using a spoolie brush. It is also recommended to tame any unruly hairs with a clear brow mascara although this is something I have NEVER used (some beauty blogger your thinking) maybe I will buy some today and check it out.
Spoolie Brush

Overall its safe to say I LOVE this kit and would definitely recommend it to anyone who is unsure with eyebrow colours and styling!

I hope you enjoyed the read and maybe even learned a tip. Feel free to ask me any questions and let me know what your favourite eyebrow product is :)

Lots of Love

Jen xoxo

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  1. I have had this in my kit for a few months now and I absolutely agree for the price this is stunning! I tried the stencils one night when I was in a rush and they are actually very helpful. I didn't know you could get it in moe shades though! Will definitely keep an eye out ��

  2. I'm glad you love it as much as I do Mik and the post was useful and you learned something new about there being more than the one shade :) Jen

    1. Love your blog girl! X

    2. Thank you Mik. I really love hearing that people are actually reading
      my blog posts, makes it worthwhile and pushes me to write more :) x


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