45 Minute Full Body Weight Loss Training - PT Session Week #1 and #2

I posted on my snapchat account on Friday after my second Personal Training session with my new trainer Nic at GoodLife Gyms Subiaco asking ...

I posted on my snapchat account on Friday after my second Personal Training session with my new trainer Nic at GoodLife Gyms Subiaco asking would you be interested in a post with a run through my workout, and over 300 people screenshot the snap! So I guessed a lot of you are wanting to get fit and lose some of the Christmas lbs too.

Fitness Testing

The first session was all about my fitness and strength, so Nic could see what level of fitness I was at, which is pretty shocking. I had to do a 2 minute warm up on the rowing machine, then row as fast as I could for 500 metres. Straight away I had to get on the treadmill and do a light jog, whilst I was doing this, Nic was talking to me asking me questions and in my head I was like please stop talking to me ha, I was dying! (I do believe, this was all part of the test though, to see how fit I was). I then had to run as fast as I could again to get to 500metres. Legs were like jelly immediately after, and I was ready to give up after like only ten minutes! I then had to do a 7 minute circuit of as many sets I could do of 20 kettle bell swings, 10 box jumps (which I really struggled with) and 10 butterfly sit-ups. I believe I completed 4 sets and got half way through a 5th set.

That was it, and I swear I was absolutely dead. My whole body was tingling, I felt physically sick and I was shaking, but I felt absolutely amazing after I had showered and got my heart back to a normal resting rate. 

Personal Training

Friday was my second session with Nic and I'm not going to lie, I am crippled today! I could feel every muscle in my body pulsating for literally the whole day on Friday and I had trained at 6am!

I wasn't sure what to expect, I had only told him before my first consultation that I am on a mission to lose 8kg by 9th March when I go on holiday again :)

We got straight into it as the session is only 45 minutes.

Lunges -

Three sets of 36 walking alternating lunges:
First set - using only my body weight
Second set - holding a 6kg kettle bell in each hand
Third set - holding an 8kg kettle bell in each hand.

Safe to say my legs were on fire, and I struggled through the last set, but thanks to Nic he pushed me through.

 Circuit of 20 Kettle bell swings, 10 kettle bell V pull ups and 20 kettle bell squat and presses -
3 sets of each

Three sets - 10 reps of each using a 10kg kettle bell

Deadlifts and catch barbel snatches -

Three sets - 10 reps of each
Deadlifts - 30kg
Snatches - 20kg (just the bar)

This is what I done in my 45 minute PT session on Friday morning. It is now Sunday night, and the only part of my body that is not aching is my stomach and face!

I am extremely unfit right now, and have not been to a gym in six months until 2 weeks ago starting my Personal Training.

I hope the pictures demonstrating the exercises help you out too, as I wouldn't have known personally what all of them were if I was just told without being shown.

Let me know if you like this kind of post and I will keep posting some more.

Lots of Love,


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    1. Thank you so much, I am glad you like the posts and hope your friend can get some good tips :)

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