Hi Everyone, Happy Friday (woop woop). It is my first day back blogging after a rather relaxing three weeks off.  For those of you t...

What to do in Bali
Hi Everyone,

Happy Friday (woop woop). It is my first day back blogging after a rather relaxing three weeks off. 

For those of you that follow me over on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or Snapchat (jenuineblogger), will know that I I have just returned from the beautiful Bali and Gili Islands. Sorry for all the annoying bikini/beach snaps and updates, but I couldn't help myself :P. Indonesia is simply a beautiful place and I loved it so much last year, we had to return when we had our family visit us from Ireland.

Today's travel post is all about my recommendations in Bali. Sharing the details of our hotel (it was fabulous) including the top 10 hotels in Kuta, my favourite restaurants and bars, a few cool beach/ clubs and resorts to go to that I loved when I was there and a few of the best things to do/see whilst you visit Bali. Just as requested by you.

Kuta, Bali - Indonesia

Alaya Hotel, Kuta - Foyer
Alaya Hotel, Kuta - Our Roon
Alaya Hotel, Kuta - Complimentary Afternoon Tea
Alaya Hotel, Kuta - Pool Area

The Hotel

On this trip I stayed at the Alaya Hotel Resort right in the heart of Kuta. Located directly across the street from the Discovery Shopping Mall and approx 200 metres from the beach (not far at all). Kuta is extremely busy, with bustling bars and restaurants and rows of shops on every street you turn on. 

The hotel was just beautiful, like honestly one of the nicest resorts I have ever stayed in. Its a 4 star hotel group with 5 star service. Absolutely spotless, stunning interiors, think white marble EVERYWHERE (you all know how I get about marble). The hotel is right next door to Bali Waterbomb Park which for some I’m sure would be a natural deterrent as it was the first thing that alarmed me when my partner found the hotel on Yes you can hear a couple of screams from time to time when laying by the pool from kids having a ball but nothing annoying, in fact when I heard them I just smiled, did not annoy me in any way. In fact would definitely stay here again for sure! 

We spent 5 nights, breakfast was included, and it was a 3 course a la carte breakfast, none of this buffet style (which by no means am I knocking, I love a good help yourself, eat till you drop buffet) but to have table service breakfast on holiday is nice. The hotel cost $600AUD for 5 nights, which isn’t actually that cheap for Bali, in fact, it would be considered more on the pricey side, as Bali is substantially cheaper than Australia, but for me it was was well worth it. 

Top 10 Hotels in Kuta 

Getting around

You can rent mopeds from most hotels, but I wouldn't recommend them. There is no real rules of the roads (well, of what I could make out), and the roads aren't to the same standard as our Australian roads. You would need to be very cautious and vigilent to everything going on around you, and personally, thats not my idea of a holiday, that a nightmare. All that aside, rest assured the taxi drivers are very safe drivers!

Seminyak is a short 20 minute taxi ride away and should cost you no more that 100 rupiah (10$) in a taxi. Always negotiate your taxi fare prior to getting in, as they don’t use meters and will always tell you a higher price knowing that you will negotiate a better deal. Seminyak has some of the nicest restaurants in Bali, and over my two trips we ate there the majority of the time. The first trip I stayed in Seminyak at Ramada Encore Resort and it was very new and a beautiful resort too, highly recommend also, here it is on 

My Fav Restaurants/Bars/Clubs to check out

  1. Rumours - Seminyak (Steak is delicious and great atmosphere with dancing waitresses)
  2. Char Char Bar and Grill - Seminyak (Cotton candy cocktail and steak is a must! This was my favourite restaurant!)
  3. Hard Rock Cafe - Kuta (strong ass cocktails, good international food and live music, but not cheap) 
  4. Ku Da Te - Seminyak (5 star dining - lovely for a romantic sunset dinner, must book a table in advance)
  5. Potato Head - Seminyak (fabulous pool/beach club with international cuisine, although a bit too pricey for my liking)
  6. Cocoon Beach Club - Seminyak (I love this place - its not as nice as Potato Head but also not as busy and better service. Happy hour cocktails from 4-7, neon swim rings and live music while partying in the pool. Brilliant boozy day out. You can also reserve sections for up to 8 people which includes your spirits, beach towels, cabana and canapes) 
  7. W Resort - Seminyak (Beautiful 5 star resort that you can attend for the day and pay 10$ to rent a towel and use their pools)
  8. Finns Beach Resort (Approx. 1 hour drive South from Kuta, well worth the day trip! Seriously google this place or feel free to ask me for any information. What I done was left around 4 pm and on our route back to Kuta, stopped at the Rock Bar which is an amazing cliff top bar in a 5 star facility overlooking the ocean. Perfect for sunset cocktails and food. One of my favourite days out)
  9. Bamboo Bar and Grill - Kuta (Generous portions, live music, cool decor, next door to our hotel)
  10. Ultimo - Seminyak (Italian cuisine, beautiful food, actually my joint favourite restaurant with Char Char)
  11. La Favela - Seminyak (Bar/restaurant that turns into nightclub, quirky decor)
  12. Sky Garden - Kuta (Nightclub, 4/5 floors with multiple stages and music genres in each hall)

Extended List of Bars and Restaurants (I've yet to check out but have been recommended to me) - Updated 19/01/2017

  1. Baker Street Social (speak easy bar hidden in Seminyak owned by a Melbournite)
  2. Mirrors (night club) + Gardin (high tea café) (one is above the other)
  3. BAR-ber (it’s a barbershop which is also a proper bar upstairs)
  4. La Laguna (owned by the same people who own La Fevela)
  5. La Planka (also owned by the same people who own La Fevela)
  6. Bambu Bar & Grill (fine dining Indonesian restaurant but operated by an Australian – the seating area is surrounded by water on all sides) (not to be mixed up with Bamboo Bar & Grill)
  7. Bistrot – this one was highly recommended - supposedly amazing restaurant but I have yet to try it
  8. Corner House (amazing food plus happy hour from 5 - 7 is $6 cocktails)
  9. Gatsby (art deco restaurant and theatre bar)
  10. Petitenget (supposed to be a great restaurant)
  11. Grain (best coffee and breakfast)
  12. Dusty (café that does a great selection of Western meals)
  13. Bamboo Club (has love seats that you can order cocktails from)
  14. Young Spa (apparently the best one hour full body massage you’ll ever get from $16 – this place is rated as one of the top parlours and is in a beautiful old building)
  15. The Spicy Coconut (a friend said she had the best vegan meal ever here - if you are vegan this is the place to try)

A Few Top thing to do in Bali

  1. Uluwatu Temple (Perched on a cliff over the sea - beautiful for watching the sunset. Approx. 1 hour from Kuta. Has a monkey forest surrounding that you can visit too)
  2. Ubud Monkey Forest
  3. Ubud Art Market
  4. Tellagalang Rice Terraces (1-4 all of which can be done in a half day even or all 1-5 in one full day out)
  5. White water rafting on Telaga Waja River - Ubud (not scary at all. Great for the thrill seekers, includes a waterfall drop at the end. Seriously great fun)
  6. Massage (A full body massage after a long hard day of relaxing ha! Only costs approx. $10, sure where could you be going wrong)
I hope this helps you plan a few of your adventures, days and dinner nights out when you visit Bali. Another post 'A Guide To The Gili Islands' is HERE for those travelling on to Gili like I did too. If there is anything I have missed or you would like to know, just leave a comment below and I will get back to you. 

If you liked my post, leave a comment below or come say hi and let know over on Snapchat (username: jenuineblogger), where you will get to see even more travel updates and a lot more of my wanderings around the beautiful Perth.

Thanks for reading, and enjoy your vacay to Bali if you're heading any time soon (you lucky duck!) 
Lots of Love,



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  1. Ahh, Bali is on my list. I can't wait to jump on a Moped and explore. Thanks for all the tips.

    1. Hi Michelle, My apologies I thought I already replied, did you receive anything?

      You are very welcome anyway, you will love Bali :)

  2. I can't wait to eventually get myself to Bali! I LOVE how comprehensive your list is here! So many bars and restaurants which is of course essential ;)
    Kyah /

    1. Thank you Kyah, I hope it helps you. Feel free to drop me any questions you may have :)

  3. hi! I'm travelling to Bali with my wife month end. Incidentally, I have also booked at Alaya Hotel. Thanks for the tips. How was the breakfast at the hotel? I have booked the room but I wasn't too sure about the breakfast, so I havn't as yet included it in my booking.

  4. Hi Manu, Alaya is beautiful and I think you are really going to enjoy it! Breakfast was lovely, caters for all - continential, traditional Balinese and hot food ie eggs (all styles), meats (bacon and sausage) and sweets. It is also a table service breakfast, which is a really nice change to the buffet style. Every table when you sit down is given a basket of croisants, breads and biscuits and sweets before even ordering with your waiter.

  5. Hi, great blog post! I'm going to Bali in August for 8 nights. Just wondering what area would you recommend to stay in? Do you think we should do 2 different areas? As in inland for 4 nights and beach for 4? Thanks ��

    1. Hi Elizabeth, if I was going for 8 days I'd personally do like 4-5days in Bali then take a boat to Gilli T for the other 3. Its beautiful and not too far or too expensive at all (takes2.5hrs) and costs approx $80-140 return (depending who you book with) here is another blog post:

      But if you want to stay 8 days in Bali. I'd prob stay in Seminyak its very central and most of the big resorts are there aswel as beautiful restaurants. You can get to Kuta then every day/second day as you wish too for about 5-104 in taxi and takes about 15 mis its so good honestly either location is perfect I've stayed inboth, but if doing 8 days in Bali there is more going on in Seminyak so I think you will find yourself going there more so prob best to just stay there to save a few taxis but even if you have to taxi everyday its so cheap and quick that its fine :) Kuta is the place for nightlife and clubbing where as Seminyak is great for day time pool resorts to lounge at and evening strip of beautiful restaurants then you can always taxi to Kuta to club ;)

      Hope that hepls a bit x


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