My Lip Fillers Experience and Frequently Asked Questions

Hi Lovelies, If you are reading this, then you very well may know that I've had dermal fillers in my lips. It really was no...

Hi Lovelies,

If you are reading this, then you very well may know that I've had dermal fillers in my lips. It really was no secret, I love having them done and am happy to have had them done. I even took all my snapchat {jenuineblogger} followers along to watch the whole procedure live on the day when I visited The Smile Clinique as it was highly requested when I asked the question. You will have also seen some of the snaps of the 'After' lips snaps I shared over on my Instagram and Facebook pages

Now seven weeks on I am still getting so many questions and interest that I feel a blog post was now definitely needed so I can direct people here to read a bit about my experience and see more before and afters.

*Please note before I go on, I am in no way sponsored or paid to write this post. I paid for my fillers with my own money, and am in no way promoting that you should all go have lip fillers now just because I have. This is my very own review of my personal experience and if it helps a couple of people with some of answers to questions they have about dermal fillers, then my job here is done :) 

lip fillers perth

My snapchat was literally on fire with messages and interest after I posted the videos in the chair that I was like 'oh wow, so many people are really genuinely intrigued and have the same insecurities as me with their lips'. 

It felt great to be able to give my snapchat followers an insight to what the procedure is actually like and hopefully help with riding the stigma around people thinking that having lip fillers is stupid and vain. Like honestly, if you were insecure about your teeth, you would have braces and nobody would say anything. What's the difference with having your lips filled to improve your smile too if its what you want to do? Simply no difference.

I had my initial consultation at The Smile Clinique, based in West Leederville with Dr Sarah Varma a week before the procedure where you can bring some images and go through what exactly you want to achieve with your lips and smile before the procedure.

Below is a before and after pictures of my lips. As you can see I have a slightly fuller lower lip that actually has a slight natural pout, as opposed to my upper lip, it's really flat with very little volume, basically lifeless in my eyes.

I had 1.1ml of Princess dermal filler at my initial appointment and had the majority of the product put into my upper lip, focusing on the cupid's bow to give that nice natural pout. Last week I had a follow up appointment to have a top up in a few areas I wanted to further enhance. In total of my two visits I had 1.4ml princess dermal lip filler.

~ Did you know ~

 A dentist is the only person that can completely numb you up with a dental block (just like if you were having a filling done). A cosmetic nurse/doctor is only allowed to apply a topical numbing cream. I have experienced both ways now and 100% I will be sticking to a dentist in the future when/if I have any further lips fillers.

Below (left) picture I took and posted on my snapchat during the process. I was so relaxed and barely felt a thing.Below (right) picture is of my bruising after one day post fillers. Bruising is very normal and was completely gone after about five days, but are very easily disguised with concealer and a dark lip pencil/matte liquid lipstick. The swelling went down after two days. I would advise if you were to have them done, to not have big plans for two days after as they are quite swollen and quite obvious in my opinion. Although in saying that, I did go out to a party the same night after having the done and worked the next day in an office with others. It's really just a person thing, if you didn't want people to know, whereas everyone knew about my experience anyway so it didn't bother me.

~ Special Offer on Princess Filler ~

FYI - I also just got news yesterday that The Smile Clinique are offering a massive saving of $150 off from now until 23rd June. From $600 - $450 for 1ml Princess Filler, you can contact them via their Instagram and Facebook page.

~Frequently Asked Questions ~

Does it hurt?
The first time I had my fillers, I had a topical numbing cream, which didn't completely numb the pain. It stung and I felt every needle, but was still bearable that I came back wanting to have them done again a year later. This time I had a dental block from Dr Varma in The Smile Clinique, and I honestly didnt feel anything at all bar the two injections for the cupids bow area, for some reason I didn't feel very numb in that particular area, but it was totally bearable. It's just a little quick pinch/sting.

How long does it hurt for?
There is no after pain, just the initial sting/pinch but immediately is gone.

Why did you get them?
For my own personal benefit. I never loved my top lip and I was forever overdrawing my liner (which can look ridiculous if drawn too far over the natural line btw) and pouting in photos to try make them look a bit more volumised but it never cut it for me. I honestly wanted fillers for as long as I can remember. It's become a part of my overall face make up now and I will continue to have fillers for as long as I feel I want them.

Were you concerned/nervous before having them done?
Not one bit. I had my consultation with Dr Varma and was very confident in her ability to give me the desired look I wanted. 

Did they turn out as you hoped?
Yes they turned out as I hoped, but not as I imagined. My top lip was much bigger (fuller) than I had thought was possible for me, as I had fillers before too and had used the same amount of filler too. Dr Varma had clearly understood exactly the area I wanted to enhance and focused on that. I was delighted! 

Do you plan to get them any bigger?
No. I am quite happy with the size and shape right now.

Are they sore at all?
No and they shouldn't ever feel sore, so if thats something you experience you should contact your Dr.

Are they uncomfortable or feel strange?
Not now no. At first yes they felt strange, and it was a little uncomfortable to drink from a straw, but this was only in the first three days or so. They were quite swollen and tighter than normal so they didn't move as loosely as my lips would naturally move so it was fun trying to pierce my lips around a skinny straw, but that was the only thing. 


Overall, I am thrilled with my results. I am obsessed with smiles, teeth and lips, and am actually about to start the process of Invisalign too with the same doctor, Dr Sarah Varma. So I am currently having some general dentistry work done first, which is standard procedure before you can get your Invisalign teeth straightening alligners. I am so excited to eventually be on the road to have the perfect smile I have alway wanted and already know that I am in great hands with Dr Varma and Eloise at The Smile Clinique

I promise to take you all along on that journey too with regular updates and blogs about how I go.

Feel free to share with anyone you know interested in lip fillers or leave any further questions in the comments below. Don't forget to add me on Snapchat (jenuineblogger) or Twitter (jenuineblogger) to keep up to date with me in real time. 

Lots of Love,



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  1. Hi, Jenifer. My thought on lip fillers is a personal choice. If doing so makes you feel more self-confident, prettier then I’m happy for you. Your lips look absolutely fantastic! So natural looking. I’m really glad you went into more detail about the procedure. I think you look gorgeous as always. If you want to more information about lip filler or botox etc. You can check Bodyclinic site.

    1. Hi Elen

      Thank you for the kind words x

  2. Thanks for sharing, your personal experience of fillers is very interesting. Anyway you look more fresh and beautiful after doing fillers. How much fillers do you charge? If you want to do fillers, I recommend you to do it in BodyClinic in Dutch. You can free consultation with professional care on BodyClinic, check their website

  3. Hi know anything about princess volume for cheeks..i prefer voluma but apparently princess volume is very similar?

  4. Your lips look gorgeous and natural. I love the look of your current lips. Very in line with the shape of your face. No wonder lip fillers are often done a lot of women to get the look of a sexy lips. I'm interested in doing lip filler on my lips, but ... still hesitate even though I've seen perfect results on your lips. Thanks for this great share! Also consider other filler treatments at, as a reference for your future beauty treatments.

  5. Hi. Can you feel the lip fillers or do your lips feel completely natural? I've been told that princess fillers are quite soft. I'm considering having mine done however I really want to lips to feel as natural as possible.

  6. For the record, dental blocks are not exclusive to dentists! As a cosmetic physician, I have done them for years. That said, they are
    much less common these days with the introduction of local anaesthetic into the fillers themselves- meaning the product doesn't sting as its being injected and the lips become more numb as you go. Topical anaesthetic creams can be compounded and are very effective, especially if left on for the appropriate amount of time. Dental blocks can also temporarily distort your mouth making assessing end result a little more difficult. Pain is also related to injection technique.

  7. Thankyou for sharing your experience, the result of your lip filler look very good and also you look so pretty. How do you feel after doing that aesthetic treatment ? After i see the result of your lip filler, i also want to try it.

  8. Nice to read your experience articles. Getting good results is very good, lip filler would be painful but if we want to be pretty sure the pain is not how the results we get. Filler is one of the beauty treatments that are currently in demand by many people. Beautifying oneself is important for the majority of women, and Botox is like a lifesaver for women who want to look beautiful quickly.


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