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Hi Lovelies, If you follow over on snapchat, you will know by now that I have finally got back into training (about time). It ...

F45 perth
Hi Lovelies,

If you follow over on snapchat, you will know by now that I have finally got back into training (about time). It only took me 4 months to get back on the training band wagon! I really got myself into a rut for a while but thankfully I have found F45, thanks to a friends boyfriend who told me all about it one evening (cheers Dean!). 

What is F45? (Functional 45)

I would describe F45 as a 45 minute circuit training class that is completely mixed up of cardio and resistance training on different days. There are 10 different types of training classes of which the workouts are never repeated and I love this. There is a count down timer on the wall showing you the seconds left in your current exercise, along with measurement of the class progress (showing how many sets you have left) and a video demo of every exercise as you do it. It's really great!

I've sussed that Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays tend to be more cardio style classes as opposed to Tuesday and Thursday seem to be more strength and conditioning type (more weight lifting) classes, but again every class is different so I can never really know 100%. One class could be 55 seconds on with 20 seconds rest (repeating the exercise twice), another class could be 20 seconds on with 10 seconds off (repeating the exercise 4 times) and then another class could be 25 seconds on with 35 seconds rest. I can never really tell what class is ahead of me, but it keeps it exciting. On Saturdays there is a DJ live in house pumping out great remixes helping you get through the session, its great!


27B Northwood Street West Leederville Perth WA 6007.

I've been training at this gym for 4 weeks now and it's in a great location right next to the West Leederville train station. It has a decent enough amount of parking on the street (never had a problem getting a spot personally) but coles on the next street has ample amount available if you struggle, and its only about a two minute walk (if even). There are some fab cafes on the street too, which I have enjoyed breakfast and coffee in after the Saturday morning classes.

Costs and Information

F45 in West Leederville are currently offering a free weeks trial for unlimited classes, this is what I done before signing up. There is a few different sign up package options available that you can discuss with the gym owner directly. I signed up for a 6 month no contract (1 weeks notice) which is $66 pw, this was what suited me best personally. You can totally suspend your time too if you have holidays etc, by giving a weeks notice so you are not charged. There is a simple to use app you can download to book and cancel all your classes. Also, be sure to check out there website here to find out anymore info you need and see their class video. I try to snap what I can before my classes too so you can check them out over on my snapchat (jenuineblogger). 

There is a really great team vibe in the class and the calibre of trainers is high (they're all athletes) and are very professional. 

I really do believe that its the variety of workouts that has kept me loving it for this long as I have previously got bored with gym classes and programs in the past due to the continued repetition. It's also not extremely cheap either, but is pretty much the same price as a single session of personal training that I was previously doing, so for me personally I am definitely getting a lot more for my money :). Having my friend Lorraine join with me too and to be able to workout together for some of the classes has also being a massive support and kept me really motivated so thanks Lo :) x

Feel free to leave any questions below and I will get back to you all. Oh and if anyone signs up from my recommendation be sure to let both the gym know and me (so I can thank you for being awesome). I'll get a free two weeks added to my package, just like you will too if you get someone to sign up for the 6 or 12 month packages :) 

Lots of Love



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