Brow Henna - What are they and who can get them?

Hi Lovelies, There has been a lot of interest around this treatment since I chatted about it on Snapchat (@jenuineblogger) ...

Hi Lovelies,

There has been a lot of interest around this treatment since I chatted about it on Snapchat (@jenuineblogger) last week after I tried it out for myself. I was invited into the fabulous King St Aesthetic Couture by the lovely Jodie- Owner/director of Lash Sublime Couture to have my first experience with Henna.


Henna has been used for 1000's of years for the staining of skin and colouring of hair. Henna on brows is used to create a long lasting hair tint and tattoo like powdered 3D skin stain effect. 

The Original Brow Henna product by Inina Levchuk that Lash Sublime Couture use is an organic natural product that does not contain lead, ammonia or hydrogen peroxide is required. The nice thing is, people who are sensitive to the hydrogen peroxide in other brow tints won't have a reaction to the henna since it is completely natural so it's a great alternative for colouring your eyebrow hair. " This henna lasts on the skin for up to two weeks and six weeks on the hair.

For those that may have sparse eyebrows, the henna will tint your skin too therefore allowing you to go without having to fill your brow gaps in with brow pencils and powders for up to six weeks (it really depends on how much you will scrub your brows). I'm a bit of a perfectionist and still use my brow pencil though to create that ultra sharp under brow line.

Can I Henna if I'm pregnant?

Natural henna with no added chemicals is harmless and safe to use on your hair or on your skin. It's often suggested as an alternative if you want to avoid chemical hair dyes while you're pregnant. I would however still always have a patch test first (personally).


When I met Jodie I had a full assessment consultation where she looked at my brows and discussed the shape I wanted before recommending a henna colour (dark chocolate) for me which I agreed with. Henna comes in various shades and is usually matched in accordance with your natural brow and hair colour.

The process was relatively similar to having a henna tattoo application. Jodie cleaned and brushed my brows into shape for the henna application. Then the henna was applied in my desired shape for approx 20 mins. Upon first glance you might think the henna is super dark (check out mine ha) but don’t fear it will be wiped off at the end to reveal your gorgeous new brows. In the interim Jodie tidied up my current brow situation with some waxing and tweezing before wiping off the henna. Sometimes the henna will be reapplied a second time for an even more dramatic colour pay off.

Brow artistry is the art of uncovering (and recovering) the full potential of each individual’s brows, one eyebrow at a time. This is achieved through the Master Brow Artist’s vision, attention to detail, and the creation of fluid, sweeping lines. The result is a uniquely complimentary brow shape that enhances your features and natural beauty, transforming your appearance instantly.

Jodie is a Master Brow Artist who actually has a real skill, patience and knowledge around brows and can achieve miracles that were previously unattainable and I would highly recommend having a chat with her if you are looking to transform your brows.

For the months of January and February Lash Sublime are offering a special on their full brow artistry package (70-90 minutes consultation, brow share and henna application) for just $55 as opposed to the regular price of $99. You can secure bookings here

You can check out mine below.

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  1. Great post hun they look great - do you know how long they last for and also who to get in contact with regarding this special? :) Thanks

    Sammy | XX

    1. Hi Sammy,

      Two weeks on the skin and up to six weeks on the hair :)

      Jen x

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