Summer Makeup Tips for Oily Skin

Oily skin and summer sun do not go along very well. The moment you step outside, it only takes a matter of minutes until you feel your...

Oily skin and summer sun do not go along very well. The moment you step outside, it only takes a matter of minutes until you feel your makeup slide down your face, it's not ideal and can be a double challenge when you have oily skin.

To make your makeup last, you need to be on top of your skin care and beauty routine in the summer. Here are some hot day makeup tips to survive the season, even when you have naturally oily skin.

Cleansing Routine

In summer, the heat will aggravate your oily skin problems making it even oilier than usual. Cleansing is therefore a crucial step in your skin care routine. Use a good cleansing product (Jen currently uses Medik8 gentle cleans but is hearing great things about Environ Sebuwash and that's next on the list to try out). Cleanser helps combat the extra sebum production on your skin and if you really want to clear that oil from your skin you need to choose to use a cleanser that removes the oils from the surface but still contains a moisturising agent so you don't dry out the skin completely. Try find one that contains salicylic acid too if you are prone to acne break outs.

As part of your cleansing routine, you should not skip exfoliation. This will really help get rid of any deep down underlying dirt between the top layers of your skin. The ideal frequency of exfoliation is at least once a week or twice if you have extremely oily skin.

Must-Have Products

Make your summer makeup last longer using these products in your routine. These are all the products you should be using to combat oily skin:

  • Oil-free Moisturiser: A moisturiser will help keep your skin from becoming too dry. An oil-free formula will prevent it from becoming too oily, either. (  Jen uses mainly only medical grade moisturiser in her daily routine - usually from Environ, Image or Mesoestetics ranges - more expensive than high street brands but worth every cent. At the end of the day your skin is an organ and we need to nurture it)  
  • Primer: This is crucial for applying makeup to oily skin in the summer. A primer will help your makeup to live long and not melt easily with the heat. (Jen usually primes her skin with a good medical grade miosturiser and thats it - usually Environ , Image or Mesoestetics range)  
  • Powder: Using a powder will add a matte finish to your makeup and not make it to shiny because of too much oil. (Jen loves a mineralised powder so the skin can still breathe a little - her go to it MAC mineralise skin finish in shade light or medium/deep - retails at $52 from MAC)
  • Facial Spritz: This is essential so you can stay fresh all day. Spritz a small amount of facial spray to keep you fresh. (Jen loves the MAC Fix Plus spray for herself and makeup clients - retails at $32 from MAC)
  • Blotting Paper: This is a lifesaver when on the go for ladies with oily skin. Simply blot a small sheet of paper over the oily areas of your skin to get rid of that extra moisture. (Jen uses the Essence oil control sheets that are available from Target for $4)

Other Oily Skin Makeup Tips

To enjoy your best makeup look even with oily skin, take note of these makeup tips:
  • Hold back on your eye makeup. The region around your eyes tends to become oilier than usual in the summer. Hence, you might want to tone down on your eye makeup application a little bit. It is also important to use concealers near and around the eyes.
  • Choose waterproof makeup. One of the biggest challenges to wearing makeup when you have oily skin is that it can melt easily. A long wear and waterproof makeup can therefore be a lifesaver!
  • Mattify your skin. When choosing a foundation as base for your makeup, choose ones with a matte finish. This is one of the best kept secrets to keeping your makeup all day.
  • Finish off with setting spray. You should never underestimate what a setting spray can do. This will allow your makeup to stick to your skin and prevent oiliness from washing it away. Hence, using this product will give it extra hold.

Did we miss any makeup tips for oily skin? What other summer makeup tips can you add? Leave us a comment and let us know.

Post written by: Abby -
Edited by: Jen

Author Bio:
Abby is a writer and social media marketer for My Hair Care. You can check them out on Instagram or Facebook

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  1. Waterproof makeup is a new one for me. Let me try it out how this waterproof makeup how effective on skin.

    1. Oh yes, let me know how you go :)

  2. Great summer make up tips for oily skin. As per my skin specialist in Dubai cleansing routine works best for oily skin. Thanks for sharing these tips.

  3. thanks some tips you give, this is very useful for me because I have an oily facial skin type. my face is very greasy during the summer, and this is not good. I always use tissues for my oily face, while working I do not want my makeup look messy. very difficult to care for oily skin, and also my skin is sensitive. if I do not clean it up soon, there may be a lot of acne that I have.


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