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Please do not take this as a bragging or ranting post it's purely just to update & inform how JENuine Blogger works. Thank Yo...

Please do not take this as a bragging or ranting post it's purely just to update & inform how JENuine Blogger works.

Thank You

Firstly, I'd like to express my deepest gratitude and thanks to all businesses/brands that reach out and want to gift me with their products/services, without their generosity I would never be able to share and review near as much products/services that I do for for my followers (or I would be absolutely broke and I'm just a regular gal that works a regular job too but wants to help others out wherever I can). 

I'm also writing this post to inform brands that I am very thankful whether or not I accept the opportunity that's proposed and it doesn't mean that we cannot work together on a future collaboration. I represent genuinity and being completely honest and real to my followers, therefore if I believe a product or service I'm offered isn't the right fit for my niche or something that I wouldn't personally like to try out, I won't share it with my followers and will politely decline the offer. I decline offers all the time so I ask to please not take it personal. I know for a fact there are brands and business owners on here that will vouch for me on that and respect my honesty as there are a lot more bloggers they can work with, and it does not mean that we can never work together in the future, I'm just not the right fit at that time is all. 

Contact Me

Going forward I would like to ask all brands/businesses to please ONLY email with their business enquires and please DO NOT message me on Instagram or Facebook as I have just noticed a whole heap of requests that I never even knew you needed to accept to view - a few with multiple follow ups that I missed and I feel truly awful, therefore email is always best even if it takes me a few days to respond I ALWAYS get back to every message/email I receive. 

Transparency To My Followers

I also just wanted to inform you that all products I do accept are for consideration only and I inform all brands of this so they know there is no automatic guarantee that I will feature their products on my blog or social media platforms unless I genuinely like them.

I hope this gives my followers a bit of clarity on how JENuine Blogger operates and know that I don't just get paid to share brands products - its not how it works. In fact I have NEVER charged a fee or received a cash payment (to date) to review a product/service on my blog or social media platforms, and I am by no means saying that I believe it's wrong to earn some extra money from blogging. Hell yes that is amazing and I respect all bloggers that do and do not have fees for their services. At the end of the day, blogging for brands and businesses is a service and an excellent form of marketing thats available to brands and business, and if your own boss asked you to write about what you liked about your job and take pictures of the business etc and ask you to advertise it to their advantage tell me would you do this for free outside of your work hours? No? Didn't think so :)

Blogging Is My Passion and Hard Work

Blogging is something I am very passionate about and I have invested a lot of money in my blogging - from professional cameras and other techy bits, website creation, editing software, training courses, the list goes on, and whenever someone mentions to me that they are so happy for my blog doing so well, it makes me so happy of course but what people may not know is that I have worked very hard to get my blog to where its at. I've literally worked every single day countless amount of hours every day for the last 2 years (even those days that I'm not online posting). I am always planning something behind the scenes, teaching myself everything in the build up to developing my blog and constantly learning so I can improve every day, my brain never switches off.  

Earning Money From Blogging

As I've already mentioned blogging is something I am very passionate about and I have already sacrificed a small fortune by giving up a day at work a week since last year so I could dedicate more time to my blogging and be able to have meetings with brands during regular business hours and not have to meet them at 7am before work (which sometimes still has to happen unfortunately) but hopefully I will be able to drop some extra days in the near future. 

I am really enjoying my blogging journey thus far, however due to the ever growing demand of product review requests I receive, and simply not having the time to review them all. I already only accept products/services that I see fitting for myself and my followers but going forward if I do like a product/service after trying them out I will be introducing a small charge to the brand for my time if they wish for me to review their product/service and share with my followers - as writing a full blog post can take a few days when you factor in taking and editing pictures, formatting and editing the post, editing and resizing shots for social media and scheduling all the posts across multiple platforms.

I hope both the brands and my followers will respect this new introduction. 

2017 has brought about some amazing new collaborations and opportunities for JENuine Blogger and I am very excited to share them all with you.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. Totally agree that you should get paid... Advertisement isn't free especially with such a personal touch. You have done it the best way not charging at first but now u are a experienced professional blogger. Time is money honey ����
    Good luck for 2017 and look forward to watching and reading your blogging journey
    Xxx Tanya Portugal

    1. Thank you Tanya, I really appreciate your feedback.

      Jen x

  2. Totally agree with being paid. It's a lot of time and effort to review a product and part about it, do it is only fair that you get reimbursed for that as well.

    Good on your for your honesty, this post was very well written. ��
    Jackie (Lipstick, Lattes & Louboutins)

    1. Thanks Jackie,

      So happy to hear you appreciate it.

      Jen x

  3. Love your honesty Jen, keep up the good work xx

    Kez |

  4. Such a good post! Really honest and to the point xx



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