Russian Volume Lash Extensions By Lash Sublime Couture Perth

I always get asked who does my lash extensions in Perth and what are Russian Volume lashes? so today before I head off to my stylist to...

I always get asked who does my lash extensions in Perth and what are Russian Volume lashes? so today before I head off to my stylist to get a refill and get a whole lot more questions I thought I would try and answer as many as I can in advance :)

I get my lash extensions done with the lovely stylist Chanell of Lash Sublime Couture Perth and you may or may not have seen my Instagram Live video where Chanell answered the frequently asked questions she receives whilst lashing me the last time, but if not I'm going to recap and list them below to tell you a bit more about Russian Volume Lash Extension and how to care for them.

I've now had my lashes done 3 times by Chanell and I can safely that she has skill and is really great at what she is so passionate about!

Chanell also does my henna brows too. Read more about henna brows here 

What Are They?

Russian Volume is the name of the technique and is an advanced lashing method also known as RuVol for short. Super light, soft, silk lashes are used to create bouquets or fans some like to call it, to apply per natural lash offering a 2D -6D effect depending on how many lashes are used for the bouquet. 

Lash Sublime also offer classic lashing - one soft stunning lash per natural lash. You can check out the full salon menu on offer from Lash Sublime here.

Before & After

Incredible Fairy Tale - By Chanell (Ignore the awful brows this was before my brow treatment)

How to Care for your Lash Extensions:

  1. Allow them to cure - do not wet them for 24 hours unless your stylist has used a nano mister to cure them (which Lash Sublime used), then wait 4-6 hours.
  2. Keep them clean - either by using a lash-poo available from Lash Sublime or you can make your own very easily using this recipe I found on another blog - your at home remedy for clean lash extensions.
  3. Stay away from oil and oil based products around the eye - oil is the only thing that lashes do not like and will break down the bond making the lash slip off the natural lash. This also includes oily foundations and liquid eye liners (in saying that though I can't live without eye liner and have still used it but have been very gentle with my removal)
  4. Do not use mascara - you honestly wont need to as they are so black but if you absolutely insist, just have them tinted a few days before your lashing appointment. It is not recommended to tint on the same day as your lashing appointment as its a lot of work for your poor eyes in one go. 
  5. Be gentle when showering and drying them (pat dry).
  6.  Do not pull them off - if one looks loose it will fall off when its ready. 
  7. Do not use an eyelash curlers on them, the lashes have a natural curl.

FAQS With Chanell

How Long do they last?
It depends on the lashing treatment. Jen had the 'Incredible Fairy Tale' which would be our most popular lashing. This treatment aims to cover 80-90% of your natural lashes with beautifully crafted soft bouquets of lashes and lasts approximately 3 - 4 weeks, although Jen did say her last set lasted for 6 weeks, so it really down to how well you look after them.

How many lashes are used per bouquet/fan? 
Again depending on the treatment, it can be anything from 2 - 6 lashes on a bouquet. 

How long do they take?
Again depending on the treatment. The 'Incredible Fairy Tale' will take approximately 2 hours to create.

Can it hurt getting the lashes on?
Absolutely not. Lashing is one one few beauty treatments that requires you to completely rest and indulge in some painless quiet time.

How much are they?
A full price list can be found here. As prices vary depending on treatment and stylist. Each Lashing is designed and created bespoke of your individuality, your lash health, and of your greatest desire.

About Lash Sublime

Lash Sublime was created in 2009 by Jodie Burwood who has been devoted to the beauty industry since the early 2000s with her focus becoming lashes as her addiction deepened. 

Lash sublime has really set the bar high when it comes to lashing and brow standards and offer a range of educational training workshops around Australia.

You can shop their online store here

Mantra "Healthy Lash Perfection"

Please note: All services are by appointment only. Please use the book now buttons to secure your treatment time.

You can also follow Lash Sublime on
Instagram: @lashsublimecoutureperth
Facebook: @lashsublimecouture

If you have any further questions feel free to leave them below and if you found this post informative and useful, I'd love for you to give it a share on your social media. 

Thanks once again for reading.

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  1. Your lashes are beautiful Jen, Chanell obviously knows her stuff! Xx

    Kez |

  2. Thank you Kezia :) I have to say I am very happy with them x


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