Why I quit Snapchat and 5 ways you can digital detox everyday

Hi Lovelies, Only those that follow me on Snapchat will actually know this as I didn't mention it on any of my other social media ...

Hi Lovelies,

Only those that follow me on Snapchat will actually know this as I didn't mention it on any of my other social media platforms (until this blog post obviously). So yes I quit the app pretty suddenly over two full weeks ago now and without any warning really which to some might have been strange. I pretty much woke up early on the Sunday morning and put up a post saying I was taking a break.

Immediately I was inundated with messages asking was I ok and even some really lovely messages saying I will be missed which was so nice to read so thank you to those lovely followers who were kind enough to check in and message me you know who you are :) I did try to reply to everyone but if I missed anyone, thank you, I am very grateful for all the support and actually having such a lovely Snapchat family :)

So Why did I quit Snapchat you ask?

As promised, I said I would share a blog post to try and explain to you a bit why I made the spur of the moment decision to quit the app. Well, to be completely honest I simply had a crap week. There's really no nice way to put it in words to sound a bit better because it was plain and simply shit. I had just woke up the Sunday morning and I was just over feeling so crap and said screw this I am not letting this feeling roll over into another week!

I had been feeling really run down for a few weeks, I had been stressed with work load and trying to balance everything, I was working around the clock and was always tired. I started to feel really low in my mood which led to not wanting to do anything, see anyone and having anxiety attacks. I had a low appetite and when I was hungry I reached for comfort food like chips and cake etc. I was also telling myself I was too busy to go the gym or work, I basically wasn't making any time for myself. Then after a while I realised I hadn't had a period for some time and worked it out (over 4 months now) which led me to wondering why the hell am I not getting them (before you think anything I'm not pregnant phew as I am so not ready for them)

So yes first things first I ruled out that I wasn't pregnant. I booked in with a GP (who was useless by the way - I don't like to name and shame but if anyone is planning to see a GP in the Northbridge Perth area feel free to message me and I will tell you where I do not recommend! I have already left an anonymous review on their online reviews too - you will find out why as you read on). 

I walked out of the GP clinic $83 out of pocket and feeling worse than when I walked in. I told her everything that was going on and about the absence of my period, she kept cutting across me and rolling her eyes saying ''yea yea'' whilst nodding and continued to say ''that's all normal''  and that there was nothing wrong with me and just said to come back in 3 months if I still had no period and she would put me on a pill to regulate it! So she didn't want to investigate anything (bearing in mind my own history as well as family history I mentioned) even after asking as I wasnt satisfied with her 'opinion'. Instead she then asked me to pop onto her scales and weighed me (which I bloody do myself every day anyway because I'm a psycho and obsessed with it ha) and basically told me to go on a diet! Now I know I am by no means a super model, but I'm more sensible to know that I am by no means overweight (yes I know I have just told you I haven't been eating great or working out for the past few weeks) but that was purely down to my mood and energy levels, I am generally very active and healthy. I am also 75kg and 5ft 10.5inches, and within the healthy BMI for my measurements (which means screw all anyway). 

Anyways, I left that GP with no answers or reassurance, even more anxiety, and feeling crap that I had a little cry and bitch on the phone the second I got into my car.

I hate to contradict a medical professional here but I'm sorry doctors aren't always right. I even messaged a couple of nurse and doctor friends who agreed. I didn't feel my usual self and that was just her opinion that I was O.K! At the end of the day its not science, she didn't perform any physical tests - she didn't even ask me to do a urine sample to check for herself that I want pregnant and solely went off what I had told her. Which I don't know if thats normal here, but I know if that was me, I'd still want to rule it out by doing your own testing rather than just go on what you have been told, hmm I dunno were clearly very different though!

That night I couldn't sleep with awful burning pain in my side (I thought I was getting a kidney infection possibly). I couldn't lie or sit still and sent Daragh to the pharmacy for me. I continued on my day and went to work and was in so much pain that I had to leave. I thought feck this I'm getting a second opinion, I didn't feel right!

That same day I got in to see a nurse and the following day another doctor who took my blood pressure which was quite low and immediately send me to a Pathology clinic for full blood tests as well as referring me to a Gynae to have some scans to see what was going on with the absent period as she agreed that this was not normal.


Straight away the gynecologist spotted some abnormal inflammation on the scan and discussed this and has referred me to have some further tests to explore which are now in the pipeline and I'd prefer to not mention at the minute, at least until I have further tests and actually know more myself, then I will decide if I wish to share further which I'm sure you will understand and respect.

My GP then called and asked me to come in for a chat. Obviously straight away I asked what was up but standard practice here is to come back in for any results (you pay for it too! I'm dead wide ha!). I went in and was told my blood results had come back and I had an iron depletion, I had dangerously low iron stores levels and platelets and ideally should be going for an iron infusion right away. For anyone that understands iron deficiencies and Ferritin levels mine was 8ug (a normal ferritin level for a woman is roughly 50ug and above). She also informed me that I had the antibodies for both Graves and Hashimotos Diseases (which are hyperthyroid and hypothyroid) I didn't even think this was possible, and I was told its rare but still possible. So basically I have an under active Thyroid and an over active Thyroid (way to complicate things ha), anyways its nothing too serious and can totally be treated/managed. To be honest they are very common in people with iron deficiencies and I'm hoping that once I get my iron levels back up again that these unbalanced hormones will just balance out and I'll be all good and won't require meds for the rest of my life (as I hate tablets #vomit) but I'm mentally preparing myself as my sister has this too - great genes I know!

Then she told me that I also tested positive for Coeliac Disease. I was a bit stunned by this as I know what that is - its an immune reaction to eating gluten, a protein found in wheat, barley and rye. So basically no more nice doughnuts, cakes, biscuits, bread and anything that contains gluten pretty much for the rest of my life! I was shocked because I was eating all these things fairly regularly. It was just surprising as it wasn't something I ever had even thought about. Yes I have suffered with my stomach a bit at times but nothing I couldn't ever handle or even considered to get checked out.

As much as it was a lot in the space of a couple of days, I was so relieved to finally have some answers and moral of the story - always seek a second opinion if you just don't feel right! FYI I attended Oxford Medical Centre and I'm so happy I went for that second opinion, Dr Laura O'Connor was incredible! I'm now on weekly iron injections for the next 5 weeks and my diet has had to change, I'm not going to lie, its been tougher than I thought and I'm still trying to adjust to it but I know I'll get there. I'm hoping to even see a Dietician/Nutritionist soon to get some support and guidance - I didn't think I'd need it but a diet change is a big lifestyle change and I'm struggling a little.

So whilst all this was going on I just wanted to take some time back for me, hence why I quit Snapchat and to be honest I had been spending a lot of my time on the app lately (Snapchat can really become addictive). I was feeling shit and I'm not one to sugar coat things and the thought of taking to Snapchat and put on a happy face - its just not me! Even worse, take to Snapchat and burden you all with my daily lows and share nothing useful, I'm also not about that! 
So I simple took a digital detox as I like to call it, and honestly its felt great! It was just like taking sick leave from work to get better, and I invested all that time I do on Snapchat in ME and just recouping and you know what? I'm going to start doing it a lot more and I think you should too :-)

In this day and age its so easy to consume ourselves in the really fast based busy work lifestyles that we have and also the land of social media that we sometimes forget to detox from it all and after taking this break I've realised how important it is and that our lives aren't going to change drastically by taking even just some small steps to detox. This is why I've now come up with five ways you can simply digitally detox every single day!

Image result for digital detoxImage result for digital detox


Did you know the average person is awake 15hrs a day and checks their phone ten times an hour. That's 150 times per day!

And it’s the norm to think that multi-tasking means we can get more done in both our work life and private life.

But does it?

Living totally without technology isn’t a viable option for most of us (definitely not me anyway), however we can learn to cut down on our tech habits and still be functioning members of society.

It’s perfectly OK to switch off sometimes without damaging your social life, or reducing your impact at work. Unplugging does not mean disconnecting.


We know that starting out day with a healthy breakfast or a nutrient-packed smoothie is good for us, so why not also nourish your mind first thing in the morning?

Instead of reaching for your phone as soon as you wake up, concentrate on you. Spend some time meditating for example before answering a single email. You’ll have a more productive and relaxed day.


If you’re one of those people who spends (dare I say ‘wastes’?!) time surfing the net, then fill your day so that there is no spare time in there.

Be accountable and arrange meetings during the day. Pack your after-work schedule with activities that nourish you so that there is little time for online activities between work, dinner and sleep.

Even if you just do this a few days a week, it helps detox you from the need to be online constantly.


If you’re struggling with a serious technology overdose (like me), then take the tech version of a mini-break and leave your phone at home for a day. I know it might be painful, but the world will not end if you do not post details of your day on Instagram or Snapchat.

And if that is too hard, then take a real mini-break to a location without a connection for example a health spa.


When you leave work, really leave it! I can't swear by this enough.. Turn on the “out of office” on your email, don’t divert calls to your personal phone, and don’t be tempted to check emails on your phone. In fact if it can be helped don't even set the emailing app on your phone or delete the app at weekends and on holidays so you're not tempted by seeing the icon (out of sight out of mind).


Don’t trust yourself to do a digital detox? Then give your phone to your partner or friend to hold onto for an hour or two while you do something else, or give your passwords to your assistant and tell them to lock you out until a designated time.

Or, my favourite, go and work in an environment that doesn’t have wifi (like a cafe) or where you are forced to be quiet (like the local library). Or head off to that spa retreat for some serious relaxation time.


You probably know, at some level, whether your use of technology is getting out of control and impacting on your quality of life.

Perhaps it’s a moan from a partner, a comment from one of your children, or a look at what someone else is doing when you go out for a meal and realising that’s how you look some of the time. Take note of those signs and act on them before technology takes time and attention away from your work and loved ones.

With 5 ways to take a digital detox, you have no excuse for not trying at least one of these easy methods.

And, who knows, you might even enjoy being offline! I know I have.

Let me know if you try any of the methods (1 & 5 are really working for me) or even better, if you have any tips or methods that work for you and yo would like to share, leave a comment below.

If you found the digital detox methods useful and know of someone that you think could benefit from it. I'd love if you would share the post <3

Thank you for reading and understanding.

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  1. Wow Jen so much in a small space of time, at least you have some answers to start with though!!

    I digital detox sometimes, adding in a night a week with no tech, snuggling with the gremlin and a movie without my phone. I also try to not use it when I am out at dinner/friends/park etc as I hate talking to someone who's staring at their phone lol
    - jackie

  2. Jen, interesting post, best of luck with the detox.

    Presumably you have started to eliminate gluten from your diet, have you noticed any health benefits from doing so?

  3. Hey Jen, I'm glad you're doing heaps better. I also recently changed to gluten free, soy free, and dairy free diet because I was diagnosed with Endometriosis. I have the occasional cheat days but it causes me a lot of abdominal pain the next day. Rest well and have a stress-free week. xx



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